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A day in the life of a stay at home mom + what Elsa did this past weekend

I have been a stay at home mom longer than I have worked...what????!!!! I mean by like A LOT OF YEARS!!!! How is that even possible? Well I guess when you feel like you really can't be that old, these random facts don't ever occur to you. I mean I do have a child in college already for goodness sake!

I never knew how much I would love being at home and how much joy it would bring me. Now my days look a whole lot different now that my girls are older, but crazy enough, they feel just as busy. And I don't even volunteer on the PTO anymore! Those days are over people! But don't worry I got suckered into being Kate's team manager for her soccer team - someone get me medication!

So here's a typical day...

4:46am - alarm goes off to go workout. Jason told me in high school to set my alarm a minute off for good luck - still do it today. Work out consists of boot camp at the gym or running with my girlfriends. Put a load of laundry in before I head out the door. Suck down my first cup of coffee on my way to the gym.

6:30am - get home, do a little devotion, pack lunches, and make the girls breakfast. Drink more coffee.

7:30am - girls are off to school and Bucky and I go for a quick walk. If I'm really efficient that day I will fold the laundry.

8:00am - go play tennis and get my butt kicked by a bunch of old guys - it's awesome!

10:00am - if I'm lucky I have taken a shower, but usually that is not the case and I am running to Target, Wal-Mart, Sam's, Costco, the bank, the gas station, the car wash, etc. I swear some days I have hit every one of these places and I guarantee I stink! Drink more coffee.

Noon - left overs for lunch hopefully and then I sit down and work on the blog, (honestly at this point in the day I sometimes feel like I have run a marathon!), pay bills, make phone calls, do the dishes and hopefully take a shower!

3:00pm - school is out and I am either taking one of them to the orthodontist or going to their sporting event. I usually start at one girl's game and then leave to go catch the other girl's game and Jason and I high five each other (if he's in town) as we pass each other in the parking lot. Possibly grab a decaf cup of coffee :)

6:00pm - again if I am lucky I can start dinner (thank you Jesus for HomeChef - it is saving my life), otherwise I am carpooling kids to soccer practice, basketball practice, tennis, volleyball, you name it. I have 150,000 + plus miles on my car and I think I have only had it for 4 years!

9:30pm - I am getting ready for bed. I literally cannot function after 9:30pm. It's pathetic. I am such a morning person.

So in a nutshell, this is the very best job in the world and I am so blessed to be able to do it everyday. In my twenties (before kids), I'm not sure I ever thought this would be my life - at home - but it has been one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, wouldn't have it any other way kind of life :)



Well… I was two weeks into college and I have already gone home. I mean okay, not HOME home like Cary, Illinois, I mean like one hour away Nana and Papa, Aunt Dena and Uncle Nathan and cousins home, and it was pretty amazing.

I absolutely love only being an hour away from my incredible family, like I only got to see them a couple times a year and now I can basically see them whenever I want and it’s amazing!! To describe the background, I was feeling pretty homesick Thursday night/Friday morning and mama and I talked about going to stay with Nana and Papa as a suggestion to help! Ooooobbvviouusssllyyy I took up that opportunity right away, c'mon Nana’s cooking and Papa’s jokes for a straight weekend without driving 6 hours? Who wouldn’t pass up that opportunity?!?

After a little homework and a workout on Friday (because I have no classes Friday) Nana and Papa and my amazing little cousin Alexa picked me up from my dorm. We drove the hour it takes to get back to Waseca and then met my Aunt Dena and Uncle Nathan and the rest of my little cousins for dinner! Which was VERY delicious and had breadsticks BETTER than Pio (for my girl gang that’s wondering ;))!! Having not dorm food was veerrrryyyy nice! Papa asked me on the car ride back to Waseca whether or not I was going to be eating junk food and I was like “Most definitely I will be eating junk food!!!” It’s Nana and Papa’s!!!!! And It’s not dorm food!! After dinner I went back to Nana and Papa’s and just chilled with them, ate a Hostess cupcake and watched America Says!! It was one of the best Friday nights yet!

Saturday Nana and Papa both had busy days so I just tagged along! In the morning, the family dog/Chris’s dog had a seizure and we all fooo sizzle thought she died… well she didn’t!!! And Sadie is still alive and well today (I think!)!! Papa was gone all morning watching Kyler play football and Nana had to drive Alexa to a birthday party 30 minutes away because my aunt and uncle were playing in a golf tournament! I tagged along with Nana and we had to stop in and run some groceries after, but it was alllll good because I got peanut M&M’s AND a free Caribou coffee (thank you Nan SO MUCH!!!).

After this, we went home and I worked on homework!!! But that was no problem at all, I grinded through and of course Papa helped!! Saturday night was taco night at Nana and Papa’s so us three demolished those tacos and then I was taken to my aunt and uncle’s house to stay with them!! I ended up spending time with my aunt and uncle and they’re really good friends! Basically I found out there’s a Post Malone concert next week here in Minneapolis and you bet your butt I am frickin' buying tickets!!! HE’S MY FAVORITE ARTIST EVER!!!!!!… and that’s the tea

Sunday morning, me and my three little cousins woke up and got ready to go watch Kyler play football! It was amazing, he was playing in the US Bank Stadium, where the Vikings play and 5 minutes away from my dorm! He played amazing, of course, and the stadium was so SO cool!!! Unfortunately, there was no air conditioning and I was legit sweating through my leggings, but it was worth it!!

After that they took me to my dorm! It was sad but I was ready to get back into the grind and finish my homework!! Spending time with my family this past weekend was an absolute blessing and I’m so so lucky that they’re only an hour away! I love them all so much, one of the best weekends EVER!!!



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